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Edwin T Dahlberg

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Edwin T Dahlberg, Pastor, Peacemaker, Prophet

"Edwin T. Dahlberg, Pastor, Peacemaker, Prophet presents a fair, yet unashamedly positive, picture of a man who was deeply loved by those who knew him and savagely criticized by those who only assumed they did. His steadfast stand for the principles of peace and social justice honored Christ at a time when it was fashionable to claim God's blessing for acts of war and prejudice."   Phil Baisley, Executive Director, George Fox Press

 Individuals or retailers may order the book from Judson Press, Valley Forge, PA, toll free: 1-800-331-1053. Hardcover .  Retails: $8.00 plus shipping, from publisher. Also available through Ingram, Amazon website, and local bookstores.
ISBN # 978-0817012779

To order the book visit: Judson Press


Excerpt from book:  
     He had a vision of a world at peace. Being unable to map the exact route did not deter him; the goal is often seen before the path is clear.
    Dad knew that many routes were dead ends:  hatred breeds vengeance. Military might leads to escalation, impoverishing nations when it does not totally destroy them.  "Holy wars", be they called crusades, jihads, or revolutions, by their vindictiveness make a mockery of the religion they claim to serve.
    "We have not been satisfied to say glibly, 'Christ is the answer,'" Dad said.  "We know that Christ is the answer, but we have tried to work out the human equations between the problem and the answer, so that it might be demonstrated how the answer in Christ is to be found.". . .
    There will always be argument over "interpretation" versus "inerrancy" of scripture.  The argument must not obscure the reality of God in the world.
    There will probably always be politics of the right and the left.  Disputes and political maneuvering must not paralyze the country (or world) from improving the lot of its citizens.
    There will inevitably be conflicts of national or racial interest.  There are ways to settle them without justifying slaughter.
    Reconciliation has not yet been reached in any of these arenas.  In the present state of the world, there is still a place for armed police, he acknowledged.  Given the present low level of skills in international diplomacy, it is probably not yet the time to disband armies.  Keeping the vision alive, however, is essential to finding the path.  Dad devoted his life to this purpose, and there are many like him.